Multiple level conditions?

Hello all,

I am creating a multiple fill in the blank on one question slide, which requires student to write mathematical statement with addition based on a situation story.

The acceptable answer would be something like 1 + 2 = 3; OR 2 + 1 = 3

Would like to check if there's anyway I can have conditions like this - (answer1=1 AND answer2=2 AND answer3=3) OR (answer1=2 AND answer2=1 AND answer3=3).

Thank you.

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Zoe Lim

Hello Ashley, thanks for your reply.

Sorry that I do no really understand what do you mean.

Pls allow me to further explain my question. What students will see and have to do is to fill in the blank  __ + __ = __ .

Let's say if I define the first blank as X, second as Y and third as Z, I know how to verify the answer for X is 1 or 2, Y is 1 or 2 and Z is 3 individually.

However, I should not verify each answer individually. Reason being answer 1+1=3 or 2+2=3, which is wrong will be considered as correct answer as well.

I want to have to another level of condition so that the answer can only be considered correct if (X=1 and Y=2) OR (X=2 and Y=1).

So, would like to check if there's anyway I can have such multi level conditions?