Multiple Lightboxes - Trigger Question

Jan 13, 2013

Here's what (I hope) is a simple one...

I have a "menu" slide with 2 x choices - buttons 1 & 2.

Button 2 fires off a lightbox, which has Navigation enabled.

Clicking "Next" moves to the 2nd Lightbox in the sequence.

The question is this...

What is the Trigger order that I need to have on Lightbox #1 to close Lightbox 1 when user presses "Next", and then open Lightbox 2, which will is closed by pressing on the "X" symbol?

I thought it would be as image below, but that always leaves both of them open, see second image, where you can see it has opened #2, but #1 still open. Changing the order makes no difference.

I must be missing something.



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