Multiple masters for quiz questions from quiz bank

In my project I use quiz questions from quiz banks in two ways: as formative questions (or "knowledge checks") that are not scored; and summative questions that form the graded assessment at the end of the project.
I would like to number the 25 questions in the assessment, and have done so using a variable. But this has the effect of numbering ALL the questions including the formative questions.
I tried creating a different master slide for the formative questions, but don't see how I can change the master for questions drawn from a question bank. Is this possible?

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Greg Loehr

That assigns one master to each question in the bank. Which in my scenario each question can only be used one way - that is, with the master it's been assigned.

I want each question in the bank to be able to appear either as a formative question (master slide A) or a summative question (master slide B with the question numbering variable). 

Or, perhaps through the magic of variables I could stop the formative questions from triggering the numbering variable. Any other thoughts?