multiple menu tabs (contents)

I'd like to have two different menu tabs in my player as a way to organize the slides in two different ways and give the user the option on how they want to view the contents.

I've fiddled around and don't think it's possible but wanted to ask to be sure.  That would sure be a nice feature request if it's not possible now. 

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Christine Hendrickson

Hi Heather,

You can create a tab using the main menu, but I don't believe you can create two.

Are you separating the sections in scenes? You could create tabs for those scenes and have the learner jump to those scenes using triggers. I'm not sure if that would work for you, because it wouldn't really open up a listing of the different sections, but it might be an option.

Another option would be to lightbox custom menus. You could disable the default menu and create your own menus in a slide. You could set these up in a separate scene so the learner never actually "lands" on the slides.

When the user clicks on the tabs, the menus could be shown in a lightbox for that particular section. They could take a look, see if they want to navigate to any of those sections, or close it and continue with the course.

Hopefully one of those ideas will help with your project :)