Multiple motion path with one having animation

Feb 10, 2016

I have a picture of a mountain climber, and he is moving along custom motion paths up a mountain to coincide with text boxes that animate in.  The last text box appears at 107 seconds in the slide and the mountain climber is at the top of the cliff. At 133.5 seconds, I want the mountain climber to fall down the mountain, using another custom motion path I created. I have done all of that. My question is that as he is falling, I want to use the entrance animation of spinning, so that he is rotating over while falling down the mountain. if I add an entrance animation to that one motion path, it applies to every motion path in the slide, and I only want it used for the last motion path. Any ideas on how to only have the entrance animation for one of the motion paths??

Thanks !

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Vanessa Sasser

Thanks for the attachment Christie, but it didn't quite answer what I am looking for. I attached the file in hopes it will help. I still have formatting to do, so please ignore the mess.  Also I removed the audio as I'm not positive I can share it yet without approval. The slide is about 3 minutes total, and the part I need help with is at the end.  But as you can see, the "mountainclimber" makes it to the top of the mountain, and then he falls off in the motion path I created. What I wanted him to do was rotate 360 degrees while falling down the mountain. I also attached the slide in Power Point so you could see what I'm talking about. I used an entrance animation of spin with the motion path to make it work in Power Point, but when it was imported into Articulate, it no longer performed the way I wanted to.

Thanks for your help!