Multiple navigation triggers, yes or no?

I have created triggers on some of my slides where I say, for example “jump to page X if this variable is true and this variable is also true. “ But I am not clear what happens if those variables are not both true.  Do I need to add another trigger, that comes below that one, that says click next to go to the next slide? Or, do I instead add one that says if both variables are not true then go to the next slide? Or do I not need another trigger at all? Will SL check if both variables are true, and if not automatically know to go to the next slide on click?

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Justin Grenier

Good Afternoon, Gordon.

It's generally best to provide explicit triggers for all possible variable combinations, rather than assuming that if the criteria for one trigger is unmet, an alternative trigger will be executed.

Attached is a quick sample of how I might handle a scenario such as yours.  Good luck with your project!