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I'm looking for some help in setting up a 'multiple numeric entry' question. There are 4 numeric entry boxes and 2 attempts in the question. While I think I've got it to work correctly, there's a strange behaviour to point out. In all my other questions, when no attempt is made before clicking Submit, there's this alert '" You Must complete the Question Before Submitting". On this one, I don't get the alert (probably because the numeric entry boxes are not part of the submit interaction?). Can someone let me know how to fix this? Or if there's a better way to approach this question? Attached is the story - 360 version. Thanks much!



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David Tait

Your slide is working exactly as it's been set up to do with the triggers adjusting the state of the correct/incorrect boxes placed off the side of your slide.

To get around this I have added a True/False variable called 'attempt'. This variable is set to False by default and changes to True if any of the numeric entry fields change.

So if a user clicks submit without attempting any of the fields they'll see the 'Must try message'.

Let me know if this helps.

Prathiba Sriram

Hi David, Thanks so much for the edits - they're great! I just have a follow-up question on that and might possibly need some further update. In the file shared, only if the first option is not attempted, the 'must complete the question' message displays. Answer options 2, 3, 4 seem optional. I think this is because the condition is based on the variable associated with the first option changes. I tried changing this so only if all options are completed, the attempt is submitted, but of no avail. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks much!

Lars Sorenson

Hi David, 

Could you take a look at the attached slide? I've built tons of slides using the Pick One free form with numeric entry. (Admittedly, last time I built one was in SL2.) For some reason, now when I try to build the same type of slide, I get the same issue of an invalid attempt. I'm not sure what the true/false variable you added does, or what that text box (%attempt%) with the reference does to make it work. 

Could you help me sort this?



Mark Labbett

David, I am doing a similar thing.  I just need them to fill in a specific number for each answer, i can adjust what you did here, I believe, but i need to add one more selection, and I cannot figure out how to do that.  Help!? And if you can explain it a little that would be helpful in the future!