Multiple Numeric Values with ranges?

Jan 13, 2020

Hi all!

   I have a dilemma I'm hoping one of you can help me with. I'm attempting to create a quiz slide that allows for two numeric entries, one number must be an exact number, but the second number can be a range (example: any number between 36 and 38, i.e. 37.9).   Both numbers need to be correct for the question to be counted right. I was hoping the numeric slide type would register multiple values but I wasn't sure how that would work to tell the learner to put multiple numbers in the numeric entry field. I also attempted a pick one, but was unable to write the 'no' trigger for the number in the range part (there is no option to choose 'is not between').  Has anyone else ever tackled/accomplished something like that and be willing to point me in the correct direction?

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