Multiple One off questions

1.  Slide 1.2 Stages.  For example in layer stage 2 I want to be able to click through each of the blue boxes at the top.  I can but if I forgot what the first box said I want to go back and click on it again, but it only shows the information below of the last box (RFP Opportunity Declined).  Or maybe even start on the right (the last box) and work my way clicking to the left, but it does the same thing, only shows the boxs information.   I even tried changing the states on layers stage 4,5 to selected instead of visited thinking that might've been the issue.

2.  Is there a way to go from a slide to a layer on another slide?  For example I want to go from slide 1.4 and click that arrow and be taken back to layer stage 1 in slide 1.2. OR go from a layer on a slide to a layer on another slide. For example go from layer next steps on slide 1.3 and jump to layer stage 2 on slide 1.2.


thanks for ANY help!!!

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Phil Mayor

For number one it is the way you have built it that breaks it. I would have created one rectangle with 3 states and then have triggers on your tabs that change the state of the rectangle.

To work with what you have you could add triggers to hide the other two objects on each of your tabs.

For number 2 you can jump to any slide, to show a specific layer you would need to use a variable

kristen kline

I couldn't figure out part one to hid the objects- didn't work.  I will start over and use 3 variables- which should I use?  Hidden and what else?  This is a big issue I want to solve before publishing.

ok could you help me out a little more with number 2????  I don't know much about variables.  So I can jump from one slide layer to a completely different slides layer?