Multiple Paths in Storyline

My business partner wants my team to create a Storyline with 7 paths for different audiences.  The total number of slides could potentially reach about 300-400 slides.  The paths will be placed in separate scenes for organization.  However, each learner's completion must report into our LMS.  I have 2 questions:

Has anyone ever attempted a multiple path project with this many slides and how successful was it?
Would one slide at the end with a simple Yes or No question with scoring points of 0 or 100 allow the path to show completion?
I know that Storyline usually shows completion on the path with the shortest number of slides or a Mastery Test.  I am thinking this one last slide in which all the paths will point to at their would suffice as a Mastery Test.  I would appreciate any thoughts and ideas.

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Matthew Bibby

It's possible, but when you add so many slides to a project it can become tricky to work with. I recently did something similar to this (although I was importing a number of modules and setting up the different paths).

Once I hit a certain point, Story View started playing up because it was having trouble previewing all of the scenes. The impact of this could be minimised by collapsing the scenes and avoiding Story View, but it did get tricky at times. 

If you go ahead with this, make sure the computer you use has lots of RAM and save lots of backups as you go along in case something goes wrong. 

Regarding completion, you can use a Javascript trigger to pass the completion message to the LMS when they reach the final slide. Let me know if you need more information.