multiple paths with tests

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Hey folks,


I am working on a storyline project where the learner first chooses one of three paths to take based on their job function.  They would then be presented with a series of questions that are unique to that path and then be required to get a passing score.  The idea is I want them to be marked as complete in my LMS if they pass their specific test, but there are really three tests in the module.   I don’t believe storyline has the ability to consider multiple results slides, so I had an idea. Create a final page where all three tests will branch to but only from a passing results screen. Then that final screen can have something in it that completes the module.  I am not sure what that would be – maybe a ‘one question test’ and I use that results slide as completion criteria?


Anyway, a bit long winded but what do you think… how can this be done other than creating three separate modules?

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Steve Flowers

Heya Gordon, 

Couple of ways to accomplish this:

1) Setting up another slide with a hidden checkbox question that submits immediately on entering the slide. Setting this to a results slide and setting your tracking connection to this results slide should get it. All the magic happens behind the scenes.

2) A JavaScript trigger could get it for you. I'm assuming you're not looking to capture score, just certifying completion?

A JavaScript trigger on your "Congratulations, friend" slide would force completion. This should work in HTML5 and Flash. Since SCORM doesn't work in iOS, guessing there's no need on that end. If you're using xAPI (Tin Can) / AO, number 1 above should get it.


Gordon UBS Lam

Hi Steve,

Somehow I am not at all surprised that you were the one that answered this! To answer your question, no we don’t need to capture a score, just show it onscreen.  And the solution has to be bulletproof so I would lean towards #1.  And if I understand what you are saying, that final page slide I mentioned would be the one that had the hidden checkbox question. I will give it a try and see what happens.  Our LMS, as you know, is not Tin Can but as this seems to sound like an ot of the box storyline function I might be OK.  

Gordon UBS Lam

Hi Steve,

It works!!! Now I we can figure out how to stop storyline from submitting the actual score back to the LMS.  We are not allowed to store scores in the LMS, only complete, incomplete, but storyline sends scores anyway.  I think I will post that as a new discussion topic.

Thanks again.