Multiple Questions Banks Based On Different Profiles


I have seen other threads about this, but they don't really answer my need.

I am working on a quiz section that breaks the learners into three groups (A, B, and C). Some questions will be for all, but each group may have some specific questions. I'm not sure the best way to go about this, but the learner will choose what group they belong in and then they will answer the questions. How will the three different banks work with one result slide that we are tracking from LMS? Can I use variables to determine what bank to use and can I track it using one result slide?

I appreciate any assistance you all have!

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Lauren Connelly

Hello Owen!

Good question! When it comes to tracking multiple results slides it can be tricky! Mainly because an LMS will only track one results slide. For reference, this is the data sent to an LMS from Storyline. This build would involve variables to lead users to a specific question bank and result slide. As well as a customized report in your LMS.

I'm not as savvy with the design portion of this build so I'll leave it to the community to share their design expertise!