Multiple questions on 1 slide

Hi everyone, 

I hope someone can help.  I do not create many Freeform questions and when I do - I usually encounter some sort of hiccup.  I have created a slide (Freeform pick Many) where the user must essentially answer 7 questions (drop down menus)  before hitting the submit button.  The correct layer is displayed if all have the required value.   

I thought I had this setup correctly but every time I test it - I get the message "You must complete the question before submitting"


What am I doing wrong? I have attached a screenshot of what I am trying to complete as well as the triggers configured.


Please help 




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Ren Gomez

Hi Tom,

Thanks for reaching out and sharing images of what you're trying to accomplish! 

So we can take a closer look, are you comfortable with sharing your .story file for testing? You can just pull that question slide and share it publicly here, or privately with our support engineers. We'll delete it when we nail down what's going on!