Multiple questions on one screen

I've got to create a slide or two that will prompt the learner to answer true or false based on 20 different statements. We don't want this on 20 different slides because they are not graded questions - we just sum up based on their answers.

I started by setting up 10 statements with 2 radio buttons next to it for them to answer. The problem I have is I can't figure out how to have multiple radio buttons stay in the state of selected. (see attached file)

Please help me - I'm not very good with triggers and variables and I'm assuming that's what I need to do to get this to work. I've also been looking at different templates in the download section hoping that I could reverse engineer it to figure this out and even make the slides more visually interesting.



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Wendy Farmer

Hi Deb

see attached update to your story file if this is what you need.  I created button sets for each of the question T/F radio buttons - Only the first two to show you. Highlight both radio buttons, right click and select button set - new name for each set of two will be required.