Multiple QUIZ Attempt Tracking using Saba 5.5 LMS (Past [Unresolved?] Issue)

Hi everyone:

Like many Storyline developers, my back-end LMS rests on a Saba 5.5 Server.

Having read a number of previous threads about how this might cause Quiz Recording and back-end Results Capture and Tracking issues, I am looking to re-0pen this discussion to see if we can get some conclusive answers to one or two lingering questions that weren't fully closed as of about a year or so ago:

Let's open this discussion with a link to the following thread first:

This is actually a pretty comprehensive summary of the problem, but the solutions that are posed essentially boil down to 2 potential methods:

1. Add/change a source Storyline library file and replace it in your Windows Program Files directory:

Please NOTE that I have NOT tried this option yet. 

Where I work, it is not easy for individual users to manually replace installed system files, such as those found in the Program Files directories, on their desktop PCs. 

In fact, it's prohibited, and for good reason. 

So if I am going to make a HelpDesk case to get this replaced, I'd like to have confirmation that this method actually DOES something (ie: WORKS).

2. Add a tracking component within your Storyline eLearning Project that internally tracks the number of Quiz Attempts within Storyline itself:

While this is useful, it really doesn't seem to affect the results that Saba 5.5 captures on the back-end, namely, the number of Quiz Attempts Saba receives. 

So while this is great for setting up potential "limit quiz attempt" SL Triggers, it's not really what I'm looking for.

Some basic details about my Quiz-oriented Project:

  • Total Number of Slides: 50
  • Question Banks: 3
  • Total Available Quiz Questions: 20
  • Quiz Questions Drawn Per Viewing: 15 (Randomized from all 3 Banks)
  • Set Quiz Pass Rate: 80% (16 out of 20)
  • Quiz Re-Try Attempts: Unlimited

Result Slide Options:

  • Allow User to Review Quiz: NO/Unchecked
  • Allow User to Print Quiz Results: NO/Unchecked
  • Allow User to Retry Quiz: NO/Unchecked

This last option was set because it creates an extra button on the Results Slide we neither need, want, nor use.  We have a customized button that has the same trigger functionality, and it works great.

Reporting and Tracking Options:

  • SCORM Type: 1.2
  • Report Status to LMS as: Passed/Incomplete
  • Track Using Quiz Result: [Results Slide]

The good news:

Generally speaking, my Quiz works great! It works as expected and completed/PASSED quizzes show up in Saba 5.5 as a PASS/COMPLETE, and FAILED attempts show up as INCOMPLETE.

The not-so-good news:

Multiple attempts at the Quiz during the same session do not record each unique attempt at the Quiz and its attendant details, or if it does, it is NOT sending them to Saba 5.5.   This is my lone hold-up.

So, restating and summarizing, my question is this:

Will I be ABLE to track multiple re-try attempts of my Quiz and report it accurately to Saba 5.5 IF I bring in the Zipped replacement Library module for Articulate Storyline and THEN Publish to the Saba 5.5 LMS?

  • Fundamentally here, I'm looking for CONFIRMATION that this SOLUTION actually WORKS.  If it DOES, I can then go to IT Support and have them manually replace the SL2 Library component in my Program Files directory where Articulate Storyline 2 resides.  Easy.
  • Or, if this solution does NOT work with recent versions/upgrades of SL2 (?) is there some other aspect or setting of my ELP that I need to look at and test further, in order to ensure proper tracking of each unique attempt of the Quiz in the same Course Session?

What Saba 5.5 IS Capturing:

At the moment, if I take the Quiz more than 1 time, it ONLY records ONE Quiz Attempt, but DOES record the QUESTION ANSWERS from ALL Attempts!  So the potential for a full solution is there! It's close!

Once I get some kind of confirmation or feedback, hopefully I can close this case and move things forward, without having to wait for an Articulate Storyline 3 upgrade, and/or an upgrade to Saba v6 or v7.



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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Mark,

I can't speak personally to that solution because I don't use Saba - but I know other users have previously mentioned that it did work for them, and that's why we've included it as a documented solution in regards to Saba and SCORM 1.2. 

I'll defer to the community in regards to anyone who has used it and set up something similar. I also wanted to note, that the solution is also here for Storyline 2. 

Mark Shepherd

Hi Ashley:

Thanks very much for the update. 

  • I intend to wait until the end of the day today to see if we get any Saba-specific feedback from any Storyline developers in the community who use 5.5 or a similar system.
  • Otherwise, I will likely push ahead and just try out Articulate's proposed solution on Saba 5.5 and report my LMS results to the community. ;)

Just out of curiosity, are the contents of the ZIP file you have linked to here in your response any different from the one I posted? 

I was wondering if there was a difference between the Storyline 1 SABA Zip vs. the Storyline 2 SABA Zip.

Thanks again!