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Sep 11, 2013

Hi everyone, I know there are plenty of threads on this, but I have a question please!

I found this video by Mike Enders really useful and it's exactly what I want to do. BUT and here's the but, even though I followed the steps exactly with the questions and answers, and I have the state changes, and the player triggers are all in the correct order, with all the appropriate conditions set up for yes and no answers, if I select all the correct answers I get 'Invalid answer, you must complete the question before submitting. If I select all the wrong answers I get "invalid answer'

I've checked and rechecked the conditions of the states. I have all the correct states selected for yes, and all the non correct states selected for no. 

So um.. what could I be doing wrong? I'd need to email someone as I can't post this directly due to client confidentiality.

One of the questions does have the option of having all 5 answers as correct, so I've got all 5 options in the conditions for my yes trigger, and none of them in my no trigger. Could that be what's causing the issue? 

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

I just saw that John got back to you about your case and shared the following:

You are getting an invalid answer prompt because your conditions only cover two scenarios. 

Scenario one: the slide is marked correct if a user submits all the correct answers. 

Scenario two: the slide is marked incorrect if the user answers ALL of the questions incorrectly. When you use AND in your conditions, this will force the trigger to work only when all of the conditions are true. 

The answer is marked as "invalid" if a user gets at least one answer correct and has at least one answer wrong. This scenario does not fit your available triggers. 

I would recommend that you change all your conditions for the "no" trigger to use "or" instead of "and" so that the slide will be marked Incorrect if the user gets at least one question wrong. 

Let us know if you need anything else! 

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