Multiple Quiz Result Page still marks In Progress even with a passing score

Feb 07, 2018

I have a course with multiple quizzes.  I created a results page that's based off each of their results slides, with a passing average score of 75%.  

The problem I'm having is that everything grades correctly and I get a passing score, but the course still is marked "In Progress" and never gives me a passing result.

Not sure what's going on.

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Brian Mertz

Hey Wendy,

Actually I just tested it on there and encountered the same issue.  It says:  Completion:  Incomplete Success:  Unknown

I have the result slide set to a specific percentage, and I reach that percentage but it doesn't mark it complete.  It's built to be retaken and I have all the slides set to Reset to Initial State after it's taken.

Wendy Farmer

Hey Brian

have a look at this post which explains about the tracking status'

This is a public forum so if you're ok with uploading your .story file here, just click the grey 'add attachment' button at the bottom of the post to upload.  If not, you'd need to log a support ticket to share privately with Articulate.


Wendy Farmer

Hi Brian

I've run through the course in Scormcloud using both Passed/Incomplete and Completed/Incomplete and I see the same behaviour.

Having said that I notice you have an exit button on the player which I used both times to exit the course, and then I saw you have an "exit exam' button on the success layer.

I have another client where the LMS will only record the results / completion status if the Submit results trigger is on the layer (success and fail) - if it is on the base layer it won't record.

I'm wondering if we test adding the submit results trigger to the layers and also to the exit button and exit exam button if we would have more success.  I don't have time to test it now but will later today.


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