Multiple Quiz results in Storyline

I've created 3 quizzes in my project. (one per language)

The learners are evaluated based on one of the quizzes.

But when I publish the scorm, I can only let them be evaluated on 1 resultslide.

I would like to make a variable, so I will have 1 slide result for the 3 quizzes.

Now the learner doesn't pass the quiz because the scorm is based on another result slide.

I can combine all the quizzes in one result slide, but then he's always failed.

-> 1 quiz = 3 questions

-> combined, he should answer 9 questions, but he only answers 3


Can anyone help me with this issue ?


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Susi B


you can combine your 3 result slides into 1 result slide (have to be chosen when published) and choose "combine points from each quiz" and set it to a percentage like 30. So the learner passes after getting all 3 of the questions of 1 quiz right. If you want to read more about it click here.


Susi B

I´m not at a storyline pc right now so I can only try to explain it. :D

The 33% you only need in the final result slide passing settings.

You can then create your own result layers on it. Use variables like "when language 1 is chosen show layer 1" and create there your message with the percentage of the first quiz. You should have 3 different result variables for each quiz one.

Katrientje Oeyen

HI Dave

I have to create 1 quiz, 3 languages.

So our agents need to select their language and then they go to the quiz in their language.

In the end result I would like to have their result, based on the quiz they did.

I really hope you can help me.

This is my first Storyline project, before I used Studio 13.


Russell Killips

Hello, I think I have this working for you. It seems to work in the SCORM cloud.

I changed your project to track based on slides viewed. Then I added custom javascript on each of the 3 results slides. On timeline start the score is sent to the lms. If the success layer is shown, the course is marked as passed. If the failure layer is shown, the course is marked as failed.


Matt Morrison

Hello Susi,

A client I am working with wants to know if it's possible to compare results from 2 quizzes that are not in the same project.

Ideally there would be a pre test at the beginning of project 1, then a post test at the end of project 2. Then the user would be able to review their results from pre and post test to see how they improved. 

Is this possible? The projects are deployed via LMS (not sure if that matters).

I suggested as a work around, allowing the user to print/save results from project 1 so that its easy to access after completing project 2.

Any info or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks! 

- Matt