Multiple quizzes

I have a module that has a quiz everyone must pass at 90% but there are a few that need to take additional quiz questions. So I created branching with a results slide for each branch. However, the LMS only records from one result side. Is there a way to add a result side that will not add or require passing both quizzes but to have it report a different score from each of the results slide?

Thanks for any help you can provide.

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Patty Patty

Thank you for the quick response, I was afraid of that.

I am wondering if this could be an added option. Have one result slide use the scores from separate result slides in a project. It seems like this could be very useful function. If you can add two quizzes why not have a results slide able to record one or the other.  

Phil Mayor

The results slide determines what is reported, you can do results slides of results slides.  You could set your additional questions to have a 0 point value, this way the answers would be reported but not affect the score.

You may want to try experimenting with the results slides and add one that amalgamates the two to see if you can achieve what you are after.