Multiple Quizzes and reporting

Hi everyone! 

Wondered if you could help me. 

I have a reeeally long quiz. Within that quiz are questions on different topics. I wondered whether I could get the reporting slide to show the overall score (which it does now), but also the score that the leaner got in each topic. Is this possible? It would mean identifying each question to the relevant topic. 

What do you think?

Many thanks,


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Richard Skidmore

Hey Ashley, thats great thank you! Just one final question. I have each quiz reporting their result on the final result slide as per the tutorial. Is there any way that I can get a "final result" to show ?

The final result would be: 

Quiz result 1 + quiz result 2 + quiz result 3 = Final Result


Thank you for your help so far.


Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Richard,

You'll want to set up a final results slide which combines the scores of all your previous results slides. You'll see when adding in a results slide you can calculate results for Question slides or Results slides:

 I would use that results slide as the base for sharing the results of all your slides in one as the tutorial shows.