Multiple Quizzes and reporting to LMS


I'm taking a CNA Competencies course from CMS and creating it in SL360.

I have 10 scenes with a quiz per scene. There are a total of 48 questions.

I have two objectives that I need help with:

1) The export tracking only allows you to report from one results slide. I'm not sure how to handle this if there are 10 results slides. Can I make one combined result?

2) They are looking for a way to see all of the answers of the questions so the manager can review each response for an education opportunity. How can I accomplish this?

Here is the link to review. I'd appreciate any help.



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Leslie McKerchie

Hey Lou,

You certainly can track 'Results of Results' in Storyline. You can read more about that here (just scroll to Step 2).

I built a brief sample with questions across scenes with different results slides and tracking by results of results and the individual responses were still tracked in SCORM Cloud, so hopefully, this works in your LMS as well.