Multiple quizzes branched to the same review slide

Jun 27, 2013

I have a module that has three drag and drop quiz slides in a row (let's call these Q1, Q2, and Q3). Ideally the learner is given two chances to answer correctly before being sent back to the slide with the relevant content (call this slide A). So the order in the module is A, Q1, Q2, Q3. If they get the question wrong I want them to go back to A to review the content then back to the missed question to try again. So it would look like Q2->A->Q2. (Same thing for Q1 and Q3).

I know how to branch a single question to a single slide, without making the learner go back through all the slides in between. If I make unique conditions and variable for each question, will it allow the user to return to the review slide and then the question they missed? So if they miss Q1->A->Q1, then miss Q2, will they have to go through Q1 again because the variable on Q1 has already been flipped to True because that question was missed as well?

Sorry this is really hard to explain.

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