Multiple quizzes - cumulative scoring option?

I am creating a Storyline course with these quizzes and I'm hoping this can be accomplished.  If so, how?  Any help will be greatly appreciated!!

1. A pre-assessment (a passing score allows learners to skip extensive content) learners need 80% to skip forward. Less than 80% will direct them to the primary content.

2. Most of the same quiz questions as above following the primary content (would also need 80% to proceed with next level of content)

3. Final quiz where I want learners to have their score on either 1. or 2. above combined with the score on the final to be 80% or higher to complete the course.

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diane clark

Thanks Emily for your response. However, the learners are not required to take all 3 quizzes - only 2 out of the three are required. I'm still researching my options and appreciate you taking time to assist.

They need to pass only one of the first 2 quizzes and my preference would be to combine that one score with the final score for their passing grade.

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