Multiple Quizzes in a Course


I have been asked to consolidate 6 courses into one.

At around Slide 2 the course will "split" based on language choice, and then each learner will go down the appropriate stream.

  • Each course will have variables that are named differently, but reflect the same activity, (for example fPart1oDB_EN, fPart1oDB_FR, fPart1oDB_DE and so on). Most of these just control "slide completed" markers.
  • Each of the (identical - derived from one base course) courses will have a quiz.
  • Is it OK to have 5 x 6 streams each with a Quiz that has the same variable names in it, (so each one will have Results1.PassPoints for example), or do I need to have Results1.PassPoints_EN, Results1.PassPoints_FR, Results1.PassPoints_DE and so on).

Would appreciate some clarification, as this is the first time I have used multiple quizzes in one course, and am not sure of the effect, if any, it will have on SCORM reporting.


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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Bruce, 

Each results slide that corresponds to a quiz will have it's own results variables generated - so if you are choosing to use only one results slide which tracks all the courses, you wouldn't need different variables - at least for standard SCORM reporting. If you're trying to report it in a bit more customized way by reporting your own variables, I'll defer to the community on that. You may also want to review this thread where a number of users discussed tracking in a multiple branched course with quizzes.