Multiple Quizzes in one course.


This is similar to a question I posted once before, but I now have details.

I have a course with one introduction slide - it has a load of flag images that take people to a language option.

The learners choose their language, and it takes them to one of 10 streams - 10 identical courses side by side.

Each stream has a language, and then a Quiz at the end of that stream, ending in a Result Slide with 80% pass. A fail sends them back to

STATEMENT - If the client wants to compile to SCORM 1.2, with a "Pass" at 80%, there's no way it can be done - as SL will want to know WHICH ONE of the 10 Quiz Result slides to base the reporting on.

Correct or incorrect?

If correct, is the best workaround to split the 10 courses, and run the "split" at the LMS side of things, thereby allowing 1 x Quiz Result slide per course, or is there another way?


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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Bruce,

Correct - you'd need to choose one results slide, and if you choose to have a master results slide that all the previous ones are connected to you'll have to specify either of the following:

  • User must pass each quiz: Each result slide in your course represents a quiz. Select this option if your users must pass each individual quiz to receive an overall passing result. In this scenario, if a user fails any single quiz in the course, then they fail the entire course.
  • Combine points from each quiz: Select this option if you want the scores from the selected result slides to be added together and re-evaluated as a single score. Then assign the appropriate Passing Score percentage. In this scenario, a user could fail one or more of the individual quizzes in the course and still pass the overall course as long as their cumulative score exceeds the passing score assigned here.

The link Susan shared, is one I regularly refer to in regards to how to set up a multiple branching/language course and track results. Hope that helps!

Phil Mayor

Out of the box yes!

Possible to have 80% pass of one of 2/3/4/5 etc quizzes and still mark complete in the LMS by using a hidden quiz and results slide or by using a javascript trigger to mark completion.

Neither of these options would have answers being passed back to the LMS.

If the client was happy to have it that the final pass rate passed to the LMS as 40% then you could use a results slide of results slides to mark this and pass answers back to the LMS, they would still need 80% on the course but the score passed back would will proportional

Maria Powell

I know this was posted a long ago but I had this issue this week and I looked at all the other suggestions and some options wouldn't give me the results on the LMS that I wanted, so this is what I did.

I have a course that can be taken by two groups of people: group 1 work In the lab and group two does not work in the lab. The course for both is almost the same and the quiz is very similar but the scenarios were different.

On the welcome page I put two options, to select "lab employees" or "all other". Each option has a variable. If you select lab then the variable will be true, and if you select all other, then that variable is true.

Learners will start the course and to move to the slides that were are different for each group, I will change the trigger "jump to slide xx when user clicks next IF the variable lab- employee equals true"  and "jump to slide xy when user .... IF variable all- other equals true.

The tricky thing came with the quizzes and after trying many things what I did was to create the base layer with the questions for the lab employees and a slide layer for "all other with a trigger "show layer all other when timeline starts if variable "all-other" equals to true.

The only thing you need to consider here is the fact that the choices need to be correct or incorrect in the same order. Meanwhile on the layer all-other I was able to change the question and even the text of the answer not the check boxes that need to be the same and the choices need to be the same. I hope this helps someone that has the same issue I had.

I hope Storyline will have a better option to select either or when we have multiple quizzes that are not cumulative but either or.

Ruth Mahoney

Hi Maria,

I read your post this is the problem I have and am trying to solve, I have 2 courses branching off to 2 different scenes of content slides in one e-Learn module, one basic and intermediate and have 2 quiz and 2 results slide so I set up a Final Results slide with both Results slides selected and Combine points from each quiz but it's not working, I'm getting the wrong % and more importantly In Progress status fed back to the LMS. I may be able to drop the % feed back to the LMS but I need to at least show the completion status and at the moment everything I have tried it stilll shows In Progress. I have read your solution using layers and variables in the quiz but not sure how this would work. I think you have one quiz and one results slide and on each question slide added a 2nd question on a slide layer for the 2nd course to be triggered by a variable. If you have a variable on the Continue Button for each question how do you move onto the next question Layer? Does this mean you only have one Results slide as you are only using one quiz but with layers?