Multiple Quizzes - One Result

I have followed multiple threads regarding trying to create a single result slide from multiple branched quizzes. I have a solution in my head that does not restrict me from having to have the same number of questions in each quiz.

But first, let me set the stage.

My company operates across five states, each of which has different rules and regulations. I can easily branch through the content using variables, triggers, and layers. However, I get stuck when I have to run each user through a different quiz. I cannot guarantee that each user will face the same number of questions, so standard manipulation of variables is challenging. I need to pass a score to the LMS indicating that they have passed for another year.

I also want to add the possibility of a 'TestOut' scenario, where a user can jump to a quiz and if they Pass, they are not required to go through the course content.

Here is my quiz structure.

Quiz branching


The result slides 2.4, 3.4, and 4.4 each report the correct score for their relevant branches. I can also review the questions for that branch from the results slide.

Now we all know that I can only select one result slide to report back to the LMS. My reasoning, flawed or otherwise is to remove the Report trigger from each of the slides. Have each slide jump to the main result slide, 5.1, where the trigger will report the score and Pass/Fail result to the LMS. Are you with me so far?

What I also know is that I have four variables for Results.ScorePoints and Results.PassPoints. I also know I can manipulate variables using JavaScript (I am not a coder).

My reasoning is that I create a JavaScript trigger as I leave each result slide to manipulate the variable on the main result slide (5.1) that once visited, returns me to my result slide of origin. For example. Results.ScorePoints3=Results.ScorePoints2, make the master equal to the servant, or something like that.

I also recognize that I would need to have a variable that took me back to the correct result slide from the master result slide and a variable to not automatically jump back to the result master slide when I reenter the result slide.

I would also hide all the layer triggers and any display on the master result slide to clean things up.

So what do I need?

  1. Does any of this make sense?
  2. Help with the JavaScript; I have no clue.
  3. Any pointers to where my logic is flawed, especially deal-breakers.

I recognize that I could build the testing separately, but this solution would help in several other courses, so it is worth resolving.

Many thanks in advance for any help.

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