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Nov 20, 2019

I am creating a course (Storyline 3) which has 5-6 different sections, with a quiz after each section to test content knowledge. I created a demo file to test each section with questions. I have set up result pages for each group of questions and set them to calculate results for those specific questions. In testing Quiz 1 works great, no problems.  But the Result Page for Quiz 2 (And other subsequent quizzes) calculates the pass fail % based on all questions in the module up to that point.


Quiz 1 (Contains 4 questions each worth 10pts)

Quiz 2 (Contains 4 questions each worth 10pts)

The user completes quiz 1 and answers all the questions correctly. They receive a results slide that says they got 100% correct.


The user then takes Quiz 2, they also get all the answers correct. The result slide shows that they failed the quiz because they only got 50% of the questions correct. It is counting the questions from Quiz 1 as a part of the question set.

I have tried setting up the quizzes in different scenes and changing the question type. I have also reviewed dozens of other posts but cannot seem to find anyone with this specific problem.

Looking at my result slides I see that each one is set-up to calculate using the correctly selected questions. I want each result slide to calculate the pass/fail % on only the selected questions. Everything I have read in the online guides and tutorials tells me that this should work but I cannot figure out the problem!



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Ren Gomez

Hi Alison,

Thanks for sharing that file! I jumped in and answered all the questions correctly. I received 100% on every result slide, so it looks like I'm unable to replicate what you're experiencing. 

Good call to try and break out the quizzes into scenes, though I'm sorry it didn't work! A couple of thoughts to dig further:

Looking forward to hearing back!

Alison Zetah

Hi Ren,

No, I found out we are not completely updated because of an issue with our videos/LMS system. That could be what is causing these problems with the result slides. However, I was able to make it work by deleting the question bank that was saved in the file.

I can muddle along with some work arounds for now, and hopefully when we update this issue won't happen.

Thank you for all of your assistance!

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