Multiple reports without LMS

Hi there, I tried to find any answer to my question on the forum. Due to operating in remotes areas my clients run the courses from USB or HD. Some of our course have multiple quizzes and we use different question banks to achieve this. So far the easy part.

For each quiz we would like to make a different certificate in the Report file. There is however only one Report file after publishing. Is there any work around to have multiple report files. Eg. each quiz generaties not only its own result slide but also a report file that we can customize. I have tried a variety of option and would really appreciate any suggestion and help for making this possible!

Kind regards, John

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Matthew Bibby

John, there are a few different ways that you can make certificates in Storyline. If you are finding the method that relies on the report file limiting, I suggest you search for forums for 'certificate' and try one of the other methods. Here are a couple of approaches (but there are many more examples if you dig around a bit):

Tracy's Storyline Print Certificate Template

Owen's Create a Course Certificate with Storyline

Steve's Generating a certificate from Storyline

Also, I'm not sure if you are aware, but as shown here, you can have multiple result slides in a course. 

Another option, if you are looking for more of a report than a certificate, is this tutorial on creating a dynamic workbook.

Hope that helps!

John Pieterse

Hi Matthew and Christie, thanks for reaching out.

@Matthew, very useful links that I can use to customize a certificate but not exactly what I'm trying to accomplish. Sorry for not being more clear. Let me rephrase. Student starts with an opening screen showing him several courses. Student picks course X, does the test (each course separate question bank) and after passing the system generaties a report/certificate which states that he has passed for course X. So for each course/test I would like to have a different certificate. And to make it easy :-), run it from USB. LMS is no option for us as out clients are in the shipping industry and do not have internet or to expensive/slow.

I find this indeed a challenge! Best regards 

John Pieterse

Hi Matthew,

Thanks again for your suggestions and I will definitely look into them. The copy protector actually protects the content as this is valuable. It is quit expensive but we are very fond of it as it doesn't slow down the start-up process as most of the other systems do. Having said this, it implies that all content has to fired up by one exe file. There lies the problem. We considered a TOC but it didn't work for the same reason.