Multiple Response and Score by Choice

Sep 27, 2016

I have made a quiz with multiple response and score by choice using Triggers. 

That's working really great. (I use + and - points, and the result should not go below "0")

BUT: When I use the review-feedback I use the variable "Q1Score"  (this I used for the first question and "Q2Score" (which I used for the second quesion)
These variables are not shown on the review-feedback-screen. WHY!

I also need the result of Q1 + Q2 on the result page.

There I have the "Maximal Points" (these points are coming out of the form view of each question), and I want to have the points coming out of the triggers.

Is there any hero who can help me?


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Karin Amann

Now everything is working fine BUT on the result slide I have "Ihre Punkte" = acutal points reached,
Passing Score (Erforderliche Punkte) - works correct.
Your Score ((Maximale Punkte) - is not working correct.

"Your Score" should always be the number of points stated in the question form 
and it should also set to "0" if the user clicks "try again".

Any suggestions for me?

Karin Amann

Thanks Russell,
I think my  infos were not correct (at the end I have 50 questions out of a pool from 150 question)
In my example it counts + and - (depending on the answer) = that working correct (Ihre PUnkte = "Your points)

But the "Maximale Punkte" (here I can not use a fix value in the variables (it's always different) - here I want to have the summary of the value which is market in the singe question within the formview - in this example 3 + 1. Can I take out those figures? ?



Russell Killips

I understand now.

I changed how the QTotalScore is calculated. Moved the calculation from the Results slide to the Submit button for each question.

nMaxPoints is now defaulted to zero. At the beginning of each question, add the possible points to it.

I also changed how the Success and Failure layers are shown on the Result slide to be based on QTotalScore.

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