Multiple Response Feedback Layers unwanted Layer Triggers

I've been working on a Multiple Response quiz, using feedback layers for correct and incorrect answers, and it globally works well, up to the results slide.

I want users to have time to read the feedbacks, so I use CONTINUE buttons "object triggers" to hide the feedback layers and jump to next slide/question.

But... Whenever I edit a question (whether for a typo or a small change in the score value), Storyline automatically creates "Layer triggers" on the feedback layers to have the layers hidden and jump to next slide "when the timeline ends".

With 30 or so questions, if I have to delete these unwanted/unasked-for triggers every time I edit a question, it's really time-consuming.
Anybody experienced the same issue and found an explanation?
I've probably done something wrong at some stage but couldn't find what.
Many thanks,

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