Multiple response question using layers and triggers

Hello! I'm an Storyline 2 newbie and am wondering how I can trigger correct/incorrect responses for a custom multiple response question. I've attached the question I'm trying to work with. Options 1, 3, 4 are all correct. The learner must select ALL to trigger the correct layer. Any other combo will trigger incorrect.

Is there a way of doing this? If I am better off using the quiz template, how would I trigger the same responses? I don't want to score this question. Thanks in advance!


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Christie Pollick

Hi, Priyanka - 

The easiest way to accomplish what you are looking to do would be to use the Multiple Response Quiz option. Insert a New Slide, and from the Quizzing Tab, choose Multiple Response.  

Then, you will want to complete the form, and if you do not want a score, you can change the points to zero. After you are finished, hit the Slide View Button to exit. Hope that helps!