Multiple response questions in question bank

Hello all, 

I'm having some issues with an SL2 course which uses multiple response questions in a question bank when deployed via my Saba Enterprise LMS. The issue is that the learner is given a score of 70/80/90% etc in the the content feedback ( gets 10 questions so this is expected) but then Saba LMS reports their score as a decimal in approx 1% of completions e.g. 83.75% 88% etc which is contradicting course feedback and in some cases rounding down etc.

I'm led to believe this is being causes by multiple response questions which have varying number of response options e.g. some have 5 correct options, some have 4 etc.

Does anyone know if this is the case? If I make all multiple reponse questions have same number of responses will this fix it??

I want to continue to use SL2 for another project but this is preventing me :(

Thanks, Louise

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Emily Ruby

Hi Louise,

The number of choices in the questions should not affect the scoring. This sounds like an issue within the LMS. Could you test your content in the SCORM Cloud to see if the scoring is correct?

You may also want to reach out to the team at Saba as well. And hopefully others in the community who use Saba can assist with some advice as well.