Multiple result slides

Hi heroes!

My quiz begins with a choice of scenes (home).

Each scene provides a result slides.

At the end of each scene, the user can either go to home for selecting another scene either goes to the final result slide which combines the result slides he received.

My problem is : if the user doesn't go through all the scenes, the final result is false as SL considers o% of score for the scene not chosen ....and I would like (is it possible???) to calculate the final score based only on the scenes chosen....

Can someone help me somehow?

Thanks a lot for your help!


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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Michelle,

You can use a results slide to track multiple results slides, but since you want it to account for not taking a particular section, you may want to review this thread (and a few others linked within) where it's set up to split the quiz based on the language chosen, and therefore report just on that section.