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Hi everyone,

We have developed a bilingual course which allows the learner to toggle from French to English content. However, for the final confirmation quiz, the learner must decide to take either an English or French quiz. This means we have 2 results slides.

Is there a way during publish or before using variables to basically tell the LMS which result slide to use based on the learners selection of guiz (Eng. or Fr.)? 



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Phil Mayor

No you can only have one results slide report. A few options. Use a third results slide to rule the others and set your pass rate on only one quiz e.g. 40%. 

That one will send all the question data, the other options do not. Other options include: 

  • use JavaScript to pass the score and mark complete. 
  • Track by slides viewed and set it so that only passing will access a hidden slide for either language
  • if you have 360 use a course complete trigger on both results slide success layers only and report via completion trigger
Andrew Wills

Thanks for the response. I was afraid of that. Your first solution is the one we had already implemented. I was hoping that there was something more elegant. I like the slides viewed solution, unfortunately our LMS does not like slides viewed (can take up to 24 hours to show as complete). Thanks again.

Khaled Abbas

there is a problem with the 40% as I am reflecting the result to SAP success factors learning so it reads the real percentage as it is and we are an aviation company under audit roles so the exams must meet the regulations result in score


is there is anotheroption that can read the score direct from the language result slide


Lauren Connelly

Hello Khaled!

We're happy to help! Since this discussion is a bit dated, we'll want to begin troubleshooting from the beginning. 

We have enhanced the quiz tracking features in Storyline 360, which allows you to choose which score is passed to the LMS! You can look at these features in detail here: Storyline 360: More Quizzing and Tracking Options.

If you're still running into this issue, feel free to connect with our Support Team here.

Ren Gomez

Hi Andrew,

Thanks for following up! The additional quizzing and tracking options feature Lauren mentioned is exclusive to Storyline 360.

You'll notice that in the Storyline 3 Version History, we mainly provide bug fixes and enhancements to certain features. We don't provide patches or anything similar. I hope this helps!