Multiple Result Slides and LMS Reporting

Jun 20, 2017


I am facing an issue with a course I've created which has a single master results slide pulling scores from 6 other results slides.

The course is broken into 6 topically-organized modules, each with a quiz at the end. Once all 6 quizzes have been completed, the course is directed to a Final Results page. I have set the passing score on this Final Results page to 80% (and told it to combine scores from the other 6 results slides). When I publish the course, I have the tracking set to use the results from this Final Results page. When I upload the course to SCORM Cloud, it shows the course as being completed, but when I launch the course through my LMS, it is not registering as being completed.

I have already contacted support from my LMS and they have not found anything on their end that might be the cause of the issue (the reporting and passing percentages line up with their requirements). I was hoping someone here could point out some silly mistake I may have made or overlooked within Storyline 360 that would be the answer to all of my problems.

Thank you for any help.

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Leslie McKerchie

Hello Stephen!

Sorry to hear that you ran into difficulty with this, but thank you for letting us know that you've tested in SCORM Cloud. That is typically a first request.

Since you are unable to replicate in SCORM Cloud, it could be something with your LMS and hopefully they will get back to you soon.

The other thing that comes to mind is the reporting/tracking options that are available during publish. Not sure how you have that set or if you tried another option to see if your LMS responds better.

This article covers some common LMS troubleshooting, including the reporting/tracking options.

Ask your LMS provider if it requires specific values for the reporting status. Articulate provides four pairs of values that can be reported to an LMS. When you publish, click the Reporting and Tracking button and select the pair of values you want to use:

  • Passed/Incomplete
  • Passed/Failed
  • Completed/Incomplete
  • Completed/Failed

If your LMS tracks a completion status and a success status, choose Passed/Incomplete or Passed/Failed. The other pairs report only completion status.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Stephen,

I can't think of something else that may be causing it, but one idea to help get more information for your LMS provider is to run the course and enable LMS debug mode. That'll help you see the information that is being passed to the LMS from Storyline.

Hope that helps and please feel free to keep us posted!

Stephen McGuire

Hello again,

I've heard back from my LMS provider, but they weren't able to locate the issue at hand. I was told they tried the course in their main system and a dummy system they have and neither one showed a Completion.

I was wondering if there's something I need to do regarding the triggers that submit the results and quiz interactions, but I'm just not entirely sure.

Stephen McGuire

I followed the steps to enable the Debug mode, and when I launch the course the Debug window appears, but the course never actually loads for me to interact with. It is stuck on the spinning wheel. I've made sure I edited the course code properly to set the Debug setting to True but to no avail. So unfortunately, I have not been able to run a Debug on the course.

I created a dummy course for testing purposes that has three separate quizzes, a result slide for each quiz, and then a final results slide that pulls scores from the other results slides. This also failed to record any type of score or completion record. I was wondering if there are any known issues when reporting a score calculated from multiple results slides?

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Stephen! 

I took a look at the file you shared above, and it looks like you have the reporting status set as Completed/Incomplete.

Do you know if your LMS reports both success and completion status?

If your LMS tracks a completion status and a success status, choose Passed/Incomplete or Passed/Failed. The other pairs report only completion status.

Have you tried changing that setting to see if it alleviates the issue within your LMS?

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