Multiple Result Slides and Triggers

Jul 10, 2018

I'm creating an assessment that has five different scenarios that are required to complete before passing the course. There is a results slide for each of the five scenarios and a final results slide that scores across all of the five scenarios.

After they complete each scenario I have a button that I'm trying to change the state to either red or green if they pass or fail each assessment. I'm having issues getting the state to change to red if they fail.... I have it set to turn to green when they pass and that's working. But I'm trying to set a trigger to change it to red if they fail with less than 80% for each of the 5 scenarios.


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Robert Lengacher

On the results slide for each of the five scenarios, is it a true/false variable or a number? One approach could be to...

  1. Create a number variable for each one,
  2. Then set the value to 0 if they failed the scenario and 1 if they passed it.
  3. On the final, final results slide set a variable to find the sum of the five scenario number variables (This thread should help with that:
  4. Add a Change State trigger with a condition that the sum variable is either greater than or equal to 4 to change the button to green, and another change state trigger to change the button to red if the sum variable is less than 4.

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