Multiple Results Question

Hello all,

So in 1 course, I have 3 scenes. Each scene has its own set of questions that are graded at the very end of the course. My ultimate question is, How do I set the triggers on the "Retry Quiz" to where they do not have to view all of the content between the questions again? I don't want them to have to go back through all of the material in between the questions if they do not want to.

My first thought was duplicating the questions in a new scene with a new results page. That scene could only be accessed by selecting "Retry Quiz" on the first attempt, but is there anyway to disregard the results of the first quiz by superseding it with the second? I'm afraid if they pass it on the new scene, it won't let them leave, because they failed it on the first.

Any help is appreciated!

Thank you,

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