Multiple results slides for each module/quiz?

Can anyone explain how to have a quiz module, with the same questions at the start and end, so the client can see the user has passed the course, but also show how much improvement they've made after reading the course content.


Dummy quiz results score: 3/10 (neither pass or fail)
Actual quiz results score: 9/10 (pass)

Overall quiz results: PASS!

I think it's described at the end of this article -, but I'm having problems getting it to work! (Testing using

Many thanks!





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Christie Pollick

Hi, Simon -- Thanks for your question, and may I ask if you have a file already started that you might be able to share? I think that would be most helpful so that others in the community are able to take a look and hopefully offer some suggestions you can try.

You might also wan to take a look at these discussions on pretest and posttest set ups:

And, you are also welcome to post your question over in our design-related forum here, as well. :)