Multiple selections for question banks in storyline

May 09, 2013


I'm creating a course with a single large question bank and then having several quizzes at different points which draw different questions from the question bank. This means for each quiz I have to mark all of the questions as to be drawn always/never/randomly. It's tedious marking each one individually and I can't figure out a way to select them in groups. Can this be done?



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Christine Hendrickson

Hi Ann,

There's a couple of things you could try. For example, if you're including a certain amount of questions in each section, you could lock a group of questions together. So, if one of those questions is pulled, the other questions locked to it should show up in that section. 

However, it sounds to me like it may be easier to use separate question banks for your questions. Is this something you've already tried, or are you wanting to avoid using multiple question banks? You could pull existing questions into a new bank, if this is something that's an option for you. 

What do you think?

Ann Evans

Hi Christine,

I'll experiment with locking questions. However, I'm beginning to think you are right and it might be better to have multiple question banks. I was trying to avoid this as some questions will need to appear in more than one bank - but it might still work out simpler in the long run, even if I have to duplicate some questions.

Thanks for the tip.


Christine Hendrickson

Hi Ann,

I totally agree :) That, and personally, I prefer to separate questions for different sections of a course. Simply because it works better if I know exactly which questions are going to show up. Even if they're drawn randomly, if I need to change content in the future, I won't have to hunt down a specific question in a very large bank. 

Good luck with this! I hope it goes well :)


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