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I am new to Articulate and have a question about disabling the "next" button.  I want to make sure the user cannot advance to the next slide until he/she has clicked all the buttons to view all the layers and has listened to the audio.

I have set up a variable for both scenarios and found I cannot advance without clicking all the buttons but can still move forward if the audio is not finished.

Can I only set up on variable and then add some sort of condition to make sure it covers both scenarios?

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Wendy Farmer

Hi Kelly

welcome to the ELH forum.

Hard to say without seeing your particular .story file - which you can upload if you would like by using the grey 'Add Attachment' button at the bottom of the post.

It sounds like from from your description clickable  the buttons and audio are separate objects, Not sure if the button clicks lead you to layers and the audio is on the base layer.  Maybe you could give a little more information if you can't upload the file.


Michael Shannon

Hey Kelly. Is the audio on the timeline or are you using "play media?"

If you placed the audio on the timeline (insert > audio > from file, etc.) then add "when timeline ends" to your list of triggers that change your variable or state of next button. 

If you use the "play media" trigger you can tie that to your variable/next buttion as well (adjust variable...when media completes). You'll need to use the "and" connector to put all of those together (which I think you're doing since you have multiple buttons).

Sounds like you're almost there. 

Michael Shannon

Kelly, I would recommend removing the audio trigger, change the state of the next button to disabled (and make sure that is the first trigger in your list), and adjust your trigger/variables. I have some screenshots of those settings attached. 

One caveat regarding using "visited" state for triggers: If you revisit this will break. I typically create an entirely new state can call it "completed" and use it instead. This allows a lot more flexibility for revisits and a number of other benefits beyond your current needs. 

Michael Shannon

Oh crap! That's right, SL 1 doesn't have that capability. Wendy, I had to convert it. So I assume it was v1. 

Kelly, we'll have to adjust a bit for version 1:

  1. still remove the Audio 2 trigger to change the variable (both are doing the same thing)
  2. add a T/F variable for the media: "audio2completed" and set the default to "false"
  3. add a trigger to change that variable to "true" when the media completes
  4. edit your next button trigger to include an "and" statement for both variables. 

That should get you there. But, again, I caution you on the use of visited if they can revisit the page. 

Kelly Gehrke

Hi Wendy,

On another note, I have put in a request to switch from SL1 to SL2 and am now being asked to provide what enhancements Storyline 2 has over Storyline 1. I've tried looking out on the website to see if there is anything out there that discusses this but am having no luck.

Is there anything you can provide me or where would I get that information?



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