Multiple slides on top of each other in Story View

I have a project with two scenes. My first scene lays out perfectly in story view. The second scene has many slides on top of each other and displaying slides out of order. I am unable to move the slides to their correct spot and unable to move the slides that are on the bottom. I've checked my triggers and they are all pointing to the correct slide, they are just jumbled now. I don't know what happened to create the havoc I'm seeing in the second scene.

Does anyone have insight?

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Emily Ruby

Hello Joelle,

Please make sure you are following the guidelines for creating, and saving Storyline content as described here.

You could also try importing your file into a new Storyline file.

You can attach a screen shot of the view you are seeing, or attach your .story file if you would like us to look at it.

Let us know if you need anything further.