Error when Publishing - Multiple slides with the same large audio files

I have a project that has "background" audio on each slide (70 slides w/ 3 min of background 1 min of narration, 200 question bank slides).  This project is large. Is there a way to have storyline refer/ link to the same audio file as the background file in a "library" fashion, rather than uploading it onto each slide? I am getting an error each time that I attempt to publish and am concerned that it might be due to file/ project size. 

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Christie Pollick

Hi, Landon -- Thanks for reaching out and sorry for you troubles! May I ask if you have tried importing your file into a new file to see if you find improvement? Or have you had a chance to run though some of the troubleshooting steps listed here, as well? Also, can you share a screenshot of the error message you are receiving?