Multiple test in one Storyline

May 27, 2020

I have created a testing module that contains three tests.  To receive a passing score on the module, you must pass all three tests.  The results for each test is displayed on a scorecard within the module.

This storyline module works fine in the clients LMS and on the SCORM Cloud under certain circumstances.

  • If the user does not exit the module until they pass all three tests, all works fine.  Tests can be taken in any order.
  • If the user takes a test, then exits, upon resuming the module various errors occur depending on the order in which they take the tests.
  1. If the user takes and passes test #1, exits and resumes, the scorecard indicates the correct information.  If the user then takes and passes test 2, then exits, they are immediately returned to test question #3 of the second test when they select YES to resume.  If they continue and complete test #2, the results of previously passed test #1 are lost.
  2. If the user takes the test in the order 3-2-1, the module works fine even when they exit and resume in between tests.  Any other order results in errors.

This is verified on the SCORM Cloud.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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Victor Madison

Ren, I am very cautious about uploading this content because of a confidentiality agreement I have with the client.  I assumed the issue was due to exceeding the Suspend Data Limit for SCORM 1.2 so I published the module for SCORM 2004 4th edition.  It ran without any problems on the SCORM Cloud so I think that was the culprit.

Is there any way to determine how much data is used by a storyline program?

Katie Riggio

Hi Victor,

Glad to hear that republishing the course for SCORM 2004 4th Edition helped!

Just a note that our Engineers are happy to sign an NDA and we keep all content secure if you and your client decide to go this route in the future. 

Is there a way to determine how much suspend data a course has?

Good question! We typically recommend enabling debug mode to see the data flowing between your content and the LMS. I've also seen folks work with their LMS to find this specific detail. 

Victor Madison

This has been an issue for over four years and there is still no easy method to determine the amount of suspend data being transmitted from a Storyline course.  That is a POOR response to an age old problem that many Storyline users have complained about AND submitted tickets to your engineering staff.

Your suggested debug mode solution requires a developer to get information from a client's LMS staff which may not always be possible.

After hours of reading through messages on this forum, I found a "usable" method to estimate suspend data.

  1. I post my course on the SCORM Cloud.
  2. I run through the course and exit somewhere.
  3. I look at the registration information shown for the course on the SCORM Cloud and find the suspend data string (cmi.suspend_data: ).
  4. I copy and paste this string into a byte counter to determine its size.
  5. The size , in bytes, is a close estimate of the amount of suspend data sent to the LMS from my course.
  6. This can be repeated and the exit point changed to see how much suspend data is generated at various points in the course.

This method, although not exact, can give developers an idea of the suspend data provided by their course.  It would seem that the Articulate engineers could develop a program that would emulate this process and call it "Estimated Suspend Data".  Why can't that be done?


Katie Riggio

Hello Vic,

Thanks for taking the time to outline your thoughts!

We're committed to giving folks the best guidance we can so that you can plan accordingly. I haven't seen this approach before, but I appreciate you sharing it publicly and I've bookmarked it in my toolkit.

I also hear you, and you're right: there currently isn't a seamless way to see how much suspend data gets submitted.

To help avoid exceeding suspend data limits, Storyline compresses suspend data. As a result, you likely won't exceed the threshold, even if an LMS imposes one.

From here, I'll surface your request for a built-in function to estimate suspend data with the right team and let you know of any changes.

Let me know if I can be of any more help! Happy to chat further.

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