Multiple text entries on one slide

I have 3 text entries on one question slide.  I have it set-up so that it will provide the correct  layer if the user provides one of 3 correct answers in any of the 3 blanks (order not important).  However, the way it stands the user could put the same answer in all 3 blanks and still get the answer correct.  Is there any way to state if answer "X" is used in Bank1 and/or in Blank2/Blank3 show Incorrect layer?  In other words, if they repeat an answer, count it wrong.

Any help is appreciated!  Due to privacy rules at my company I cannot upload my file.

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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Amy!

It sounds like you have set up your custom quiz slide using a similar method to the one Wendy used here, is that right?

Are you using variables to display the correct or incorrect layer?

I know you mentioned you can't share your file, but perhaps you could share this single quiz slide and remove all proprietary content from it. That way, we can see what you have set up so far and build from there!