Multiple text entry boxes on the same page in storyline 2 but want to judge only the one entry the learner types.

I have 4 different text entry boxes on the page - one for account number, one for first name, one for last name, one for phone number. The learners are to search for an account. They can search by ANY one (not all four) of the four criteria - account number, first name, last name, phone number. They only have to type text in one of the boxes and press Enter and it goes to the next slide. I only want to judge the correctness of the one criteria that they enter. And oh another twist - this is on a scrolling window so layers don't work within the scrolling part. I want to give them incorrect feedback if they type the wrong text. It is when I add the Incorrect trigger things don't work as desired.Any suggestions?

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Carol Henry-Crowell

What we did was add a layer for each incorrect answer - so four layers added. On the base layer, we added a trigger for each layer that would show the layer if the correct response was not entered for that text entry box. Then we added another trigger that judged for any correct entry it would jump to the next page when the Enter key is pressed. There were multiple conditions in this trigger and they were all OR conditions (not AND). This is a scrolling window which doesn't work with layer. The layers were all outside of the scrolling window, but that is ok in this instance as they are not tied to being at a specific place on the scrolling window. The incorrect layer just shows up in the middle of the screen.