Multiple text entry fields, allow only one to be used

Can't find an answer for this one.  Hoping someone can help.

I need to develop an interaction with multiple text entry fields.  However, I only want the student to be able to place text in one field.  

I am recreating a system screen, where the user types the letter 'D" next to a menu option and presses enter.  I plan on using a screen shot with multiple text input fields with space for one letter.  I only want them to be able to place text in one of these boxes, whichever they choose, press enter, then something happens depending on which box they put the text in.

Any thoughts on how to restrict them to only using one text entry box out of many?  Basically I need the text entry fields to function almost like a button set.

Thank you in advance for your help.

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Philip,

You mentioned that once they put text in one of the boxes, "something happens" depending on which box. Is this something that they'll leave the slide or go to a layer? If so, you could set up the trigger for each box to jump to slide/show layer when the control loses focus on each box. That will trigger if the user hits enter or clicks outside the text box which they just typed in, forcing them to only use one. You'll also want to ensure if you're using a slide layer that you disable the ability within the layer properties to click on the base layer or else they could click in the other text box. 

Philip Lima


The screen will show a screen shot of a system menu.  The user types the letter "E" next to the menu item for the screen they want to access then hit <enter>.  The screen in the live system will only let them place an "E" next to one menu item.  If the type "E" next to one item, then try to do so next to another menu item, the first "E" disappears.  Once they have designated the menu item they want, hitting the <enter> key takes them to that location.  This is what I am trying to recreate.

Once they hit enter, I would take them to another slide based on which text box they put their "E" in.

The thing I am struggling with is how to set it up so that they can only populate one box, but be able to change their selection should they want before hitting <enter>.

It may not be doable.  but I thought it was worth asking the experts in the forums for help with.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Thanks Philip for offering the additional information. I made a fairly crude mockup, but it's dependent on the user entering the correct "E" and checking to ensure that there isn't an answer in both TextEntry fields, and then if only one has the E in it, then it directs to the new appropriate slide. As you'll see with this one, it's incredibly specific to what the user is going to enter - if they use a lowercase e, it won't work. If they use a different letter, it won't work. 

There may be a simpler solution that the community can share with you.