Multiple text entry problem


I've been developing a keyword slide in my project, and the text entries are giving me a little bit of a headache!

The page works like this:

The user type one keyword and presses enter, changing the state of a hidden button to normal. When the button is pressed, a layer appears with a loading animation, and at the end of the timeline it jumps to another slide, with a board containing an 'unlocked' phase.

The idea is to use this keyword slide with multiple text entries to unlock all the phases in the board slide, using a numeric variable (when the user types and presses "enter", 1 is added to this variable, and this variable commands the board and its various statuses)

It works fine with the first word, but when I come back to type the second word, nothing happens when i press the key! I don't know what else to do, every interaction seems to be right :(

(Also, sorry for not attaching the file, it's a secret project from my company!)


Thanks in advance for the help!

Marina Dantas

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Alyssa Gomez

Hi there Marina!

You came to the right place for help! Your setup seems a bit complex, so it would be really helpful if we could see a sample file.

I know you mentioned the project is confidential, but you could do a Save As to create a copy of the course. Then, inside the copy, remove all of the proprietary content and replace it with filler text. 

Send us that copy, and we'll take a closer look!