Multiple text entry quiz - Review Quiz not working!

I am hoping someone out there can help me...

I have created a  quiz question with multiple text (actually it's a numeric entry)  - having followed a workaround I found in a previous discussion (which puts the Correct and Incorrect button off slide and the state of these buttons are set to "selected" based on the the numeric entry being correct/incorrect; the pick one submit then looks at the state of the correct/incorrect buttons - it works beautifully!..... except for when I review the quiz -  regardless of whether the answer is correct or incorrect - it shows the answer as being incorrect (ie the red bar along the bottom of the page  with "Incorrect" in the center and "x" on the right hand side) (all other questions in my quiz review correctly)

Anyone know why it is displaying an "incorrect" when it the question was answered correctly?  

Also Is there a way of accessing this particular part of the review layer? (to customise it... like maybe changing the position of the Green Correct/ Red Incorrect bar, or changing the bar to a different shape?...)

(note I know how to add stuff to the Review layer - but cannot work out how to access this particular part!)




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Crystal Horn

Hi there, Patricia.  

You cannot edit the default Review layer elements (the red and green bars).  You could, however, develop a customized review layer for that slide by following Nicole's steps in her tutorial here (tip: name it something other than "Review").  I'm not sure if that would be helpful to at least bypass the incorrect default feedback that you're getting.

Also, would you like to share your .story file here for me to test why that's happening?

Patricia de Souza

Hi Crystal

Thanks for the info on how to create a custom review layer (this will be useful for future designs!)  - I am guessing if i do a custom review for the quiz question that is not functioning correctly, I would have to do the same for all the quiz questions?

If you could have a look and find out what is going on with the built in review - as I am curious as to why it is not working for this question!.... 

I have attached my .story file... I have copied the question to a seperate sceen to enable you to see what is going on.. without having to go through all the other questions twice (quiz set up so you cannot review until after your 2nd attempt)


Patricia de Souza

Hi Ashley

The attached file was my original where i am using the built in review which is not working on Q5 ... and I was hoping someone could have a look and tell me why it wasnt working so it could be fixed!

I understand there is an option to make my own "review" layers, however I actually want to use the built in one if possible, as  I am guessing if I make my own review layer for one question I will have to do it for all? Although it looks easy enough to do, I have run out of time to work on this project; So ideally I need to find a fix for Q5 - or if it cant be fixed, confirmation of why I cannot use the built in review for this particular question!

Thanks for your assistance


Patricia de Souza

Can anyone tell me why the built in review is not working correctly for one of my questions..... I am guessing if we cannot access it to make any changes - then there is an issue with the stuff going on in the background???... or is there something on my question that is causing the review to show incorrect when the question was answered correctly??

I have to publish this course next week so I need to sort this out asap and  ideally want to avoid having to create custom review layers for all my questions when it is only 1 question that is not functioning correctly!

Can anyone help me with this...Please!


Patricia de Souza

Having trawled through all the discussions related to quiz reviews, I came across one that mentioned the same issue that I am experiencing... caused by the  slide properties being set to "re-set to initial state"  when revisiting - I have changed it to "Automatically decide" and the issue has gone away! YEAY!