Multiple Text Entry Quiz

Aug 12, 2012

Hi and Good day to everyone.

Can it be possible to create a multiple 'Text Entry' Quiz in storyline?

3-4 text entry that the user will answer to fill in the blanks?

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Peter,

I took a look at your file, and I think you've stumbled upon a common problem. :)  In your set up, for the question to be marked "incorrect" your trigger is checking that ALL the elements are not equal to the expected setting - when in reality, all you need is one item to not match the expected value. So instead of using the "AND" condition you'll want to utilize the "OR" condition. 

Once you do that, if the user doesnt' answer one element correctly the "wrong" item off stage will still be "selected" and therefore the question counts as being answered. As you have it set right now - nothing is selected unless they match all those conditions.

Hope that helps! 

Diana Myers

Hi All! I know this thread is a little stale, but I recently used Jeannette's Screener (referenced above) and the tips in this thread, and I wanted to share a template to show how multiple or numeric entry fields can be used in practice exercises and quizzes.

The templates below are based on a course I created for my employer. The course provided a bit of contextual information and gave learners the opportunity to complete a varity of practice exercises. The exercises and quiz questions replicate our real-life processes where learners have to read seven different documents (displayed on different slide layers) to determine what formulas to apply and then use the data provided to calculate up to 21 different numeric values. Learners are required to enter their calculated values on a spreadsheet. Based on the conditions I set, learners have to correctly enter all of the numeric entry fields in order to "pass" the exercise or quiz question.

I took what I learned and created 2 basic course templates to share with the awesome Articulate community, so I hope anyone who comes across this thread will find them helpful. I used basic numbers in the template, and there's a temporary "show me the answer" button so you can see what values you have to enter for each interaction.

Multiple Numeric Entries Using Pick One - Storyline 2 Version

Multiple Numeric Entries Using Pick One - Storyline 1 Version

I hope this helps!  Please feel free to contact me with any questions!  All the best, Diana

Kelly Cleaver

This is Awesome Diana!  I have attempted the same thing several times with a true/false question.  I couldn't get it to work, but I see why because of your example.  I was using and instead of or in the "false" triggers.  I attached a much simpler version here.  How did you get your numeric entries to show 0 by default?

Diana Myers

@Kelly - the variable for the numeric entry boxes has a default value of 0, so I didn't have to do anything to "set it to zero" on each slide. 

I will say, however, that duplicating slides or copying & pasting numeric entry boxes gets a little "hinky" and the zero value doesn't display in the field automatically.  I had that very situation happen with in one my official courses (with 22 different mult-numeric interactions), and what I found works is to to delete and recreate the variable and triggers associated with that numeric entry field.  With a "clean,"  brand new variable, the zero value displayed by default.

I hope this helps - feel free to contact me directly if you have any questions.  Best wishes!


Kelly Cleaver


I found I was able to copy and paste and the 0's still show up. I did this by creating the numeric variables (named something other than NumericEntry). Then I copied and pasted the slide. I then updated all the triggers to reflect the "clean" variables. This made it much quicker than recreating all the triggers every time.


Kandice Dickinson

I am hoping someone can help me! I am needing to have multiple text entries graded on one slide. I followed the video and it was awesome. However, for some reason, when I publish (test) the course I did the answers show in the text fields. I've attached my test - it is slide #2.  Field one should be "Ions" and field two should be "Behaviors." not case sensitive. 

I found a way to remove the answers from showing when publishes; however, then even when i type the correct answers it says incorrect.

Thank you for your help!

Diana Myers

@Kandice - I'm happy to do what I can to help, but I can't open your file.  I get the message that "The project id invalid or corrupt and cannot be opened.  It may have been created in an earlier version of Storyline."

I'm not sure what's going on, but have you checked to make sure that the trigger is set to "ignore case?"   This means that a learner can type title/proper case, all lowercase or all upper case and as long as the word is spelled correctly it will evaluate the answer as correct.

Please let me know if you repost your project file.  

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Kandice,

I see the same message when trying to open your file. If it's working normally on your end, you'll want to confirm that you're working on local project files as described here and then I'd also look at importing it into a new .story file following the steps in this article. 

Diana Myers

Hey Kandice - another thought occurred to me.  Have you checked the triggers that evaluate whether or not the text entries are correct to ensure they indicate AND and OR as needed?  

If all of the entries have to be correct to show the correct layer, each of the conditions (following the first) should begin with AND.  For the incorrect layer trigger, each of the conditions (following the first) should being with OR.  

I know I missed an "OR" on one of my slides and it drove me crazy until I found my mistake.  I added an image with the And/Or conditions along with the "ignore case" option.  

And when I was playing around with a sample file to grab screen shots, I used the copy/paste function to add additional text entry boxes...  When I checked my triggers, I noticed that the text entry box for one was updating the variable associated with the copied text entry.  Have you double-checked that all of the entry boxes trigger update the correct variables? 

Hope this helps!



Kandice Dickinson

Shoot i'm not sure why it didn't work last time loading. Let's try this one. I'm still confused at making it work. #4 is the question i need help with making work in this course.

Also, as a simpler route and to know a second option of doing this, what is the correct way to add a slide that is graded with more than one text entry question? I am find if it is all or nothing in grading of that slide. I just want to know the right way to do it. :)

Thank you for you help!