Multiple textbox / Saisie de texte multiple

Hello / Bonjour,

I'm back with my atipical question types needs...
Today is a table to fill like this one :


I have four slides like this one and I have to gather the 4 tables on the result slide so that the students can print it on PDF and send it back on Moodle. I have created one variable per textbox.

But for now my results only send one answer per slide :


Is there a way I can edit this report.html to display what I need ?

I'd like to have date and time in French too..



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Leslie McKerchie

Thanks for popping in to share Adam. This may not assist the original poster, but could certainly assist someone that runs across this thread in the future.

We also have some information on customizing as it relates to certificates that may be helpful as well:

Storyline doesn't currently support certificates of completion. However, you may be able to modify the report.html file in your published output to make it look like a certificate. Here's how.

You could also use JavaScript triggers with a custom html page. Here's an excellent demo and downloadable sample project from one of our community members.